PATH of Tyler

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PATH seeks to restore HOPE with a PERSONALIZED approach to EMPOWER our East Texas neighbors to THRIVE in our community.

Transitional Housing Program:
PATH’s below-market rate rental homes form the basis for the Transitional Housing Program, as families with the desire to improve their financial stability set goals, are provided resources and encouragement, participate in a matched savings program, and are held accountable to making progress toward their goals. PATH’s intent is to work closely with and invest heavily into the lives of these families for this two-year period to allow them to achieve their goals, including housing stability as a new homeowner or in market-rate rental housing.

Homelessness Prevention Program:
This PATH program aims to bridge the gap for families who are facing an unexpected loss of income or added expense such as a car repair or medical bills. Providing one-time rent or utility assistance can prevent a family from becoming homeless and move past a temporary financial crisis. According to the US Census data, almost 17% of Smith County residents live below the poverty line. This translates to one in six adults and one in four children struggling with the effects of the uncertainty that comes with poverty. With so many living paycheck to paycheck, a minor unplanned emergency can mean the difference between making ends meet or facing eviction. With fair market rent being $728 per month, many families are spending up to 70% of their income on rent, leaving little or no savings in order to weather a crisis.