Children's Advocacy Center of Smith Co.

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Children's Advocacy Center of Smith County exists to minimize the trauma children face when they have been victimized by physical or sexual abuse, or have witnessed a violent crime. We are part of a multidisciplinary team, including Law Enforcement Agencies and Department of Family & Protective Services, that works to ensure each child has the opportunity to tell their story to a specially trained Forensic Interviewer, receive guidance and support from Family Advocates, and begin the healing process with our Therapists.
In addition, the Children’s Advocacy Center of Smith County is dedicated to educating the community in ways that will impact the fight against child abuse. Whether educating children on personal body safety, offering parents and adults tools to protect their children, or providing professional trainings on child abuse and trauma, the Center’s education and prevention programs play a vital role in bringing the community to the forefront of this widespread epidemic.